About Us

VEGA Classic Cars specialise in the import, export, sales and restoration of affordable classics from the 1950’s onwards. In stock you will find an eclectic range of carefully selected cars sourced from around the world. We like well maintained cars in excellent original condition and cars that have been nicely restored to a high standard.

Our small team have been involved with the import, sales and restoration of classic cars over the last 25 years and have developed an extensive network of contacts in the classic car scene worldwide over this period.

We love nostalgia and all things vintage, especially the patina of old cars. How they look, sound and smell and the excitement and adventure that every drive can bring. Unlike modern cars, when driving a classic car the experience is all involving and you feel directly connected to the mechanics of what is going on around you.

Although classic cars are often bought with one eye on potential future value, it is usually a purchase arising from a genuine interest and passion for the marque. We aim to make the buying process a fun, easy and pleasurable experience.